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Buy a New Home

If you are looking to buy a new construction home, there are three different routes you can take:

  • You can buy a spec home (purchasing a completed home).

    A home designed and completed by a builder before its listed on the market. In this scenario, all interior and exterior design selections are made by the builder prior to listing.

  • Semi-Custom Home

    You can buy a home that the builder has designed but not yet completed which allows you to select some or all of the finishes (i.e. cabinets colors, fixtures, flooring, tile, etc.). Usually in this scenario you put down a large deposit during the construction process but wait to purchase the home until completion.

  • Custom or Full Custom

    You purchase a property, design plans with an architect, select a builder and make all design decisions and selections (the order of this process may change but these are the necessary steps). In this scenario you are responsible for funding every step of the process, from buying the lot, to hiring an architect and paying for construction costs.

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